If you have a finished block, or plate you would like to edition, email David, or phone 9am – 5pm anytime for an appointment, quote or advice.

There are two main printing techniques used, relief and intaglio. Relief technique can utilize a wooden or linoleum printing block. Intaglio technique most often involves a zinc or copper plate. In any case, an agreed upon number of prints are taken from the block or plate using one of the studio presses.

Printing is by hand, inking up a plate for each individual print. At the end of the printing run successful prints are gathered together into a numbered, or limited edition.

Printing on the large press involves more labour, time and concentration. An experienced assistant is needed. Every part of the printmaking process is magnified. Material costs increase with size too.  

Editions and prints, or proofs are priced according to edition size, print size and difficulty.