Immogyn has become drawn to the creative process of art making from early on in life. Having explored music and prose writing, the narrative and lyrical nature of her collages accompany an understanding of arrangement and juxtaposition, harmony, and discord. Immogyn creates surreal combinations of figure and landscape.

The elements of her work are sourced from mass produced imagery, now forlorn in discarded magazine piles, or appropriated from the vast sea of digital imagery that describes aspects of our present culture, through its prolific ephemerality. Through her art practice Immogyn explores the personal universe through the repositioning of public imagery into fine art collage.

Immogyn is an emerging artist based in Brisbane and identifies with her Dalungbarra heritage from Kgari.

Immogyn's original artworks are available for sale through the Small Shelf Shop, or deal directly with the artist by following Immogyn on...

Instagram @butterfli_collages

Body Displayed

Sky Coy

Golden Tales


Jumping into Oblivion


Little Big Ladies

Man Selling Planets

Monkey Fli



Wings Please